Ca$per The Friendly Rapper started doin' his thang back in 2009 at the age of 13 when he and a couple of his best buds from middle school jokingly started a rap group, calling themselves "Cabbage Patch Gang." The trio would throw together silly rhymes over simple GarageBand loops. They realized the blossoming potential of this talented writer incorporating poetry in his rhymes in addition to exhibiting his lyrical abilities, even in the beginning as a fledgling musician. Before long, what had started out as an after-school hobby developed into a burning passion and a dream for the young emcee. Ever since Ca$per recorded his first solo-track in 2011,  the young artist has consistently been putting in work to achieve his dream. 

 Ca$per has been able to build a network and a following through social media, local shows and by continuing to pump out fantastic tracks with better and new production! That's the story thus far, now it's time for you to take part on this epic adventure!